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Linda Forster

Director, Healing the Heart Ministries

Linda Forster is an ordained minister who, for twenty years, has sought to bring freedom of the Cross of Jesus Christ to people’s hearts. Her vision is to see individuals fulfill their destinies in God without emotional baggage hindering them. To that end, God took her on her own personal journey to freedom before releasing her to minister to others.

Linda taught Precept Ministries Bible studies for ten years before completing and teaching Elijah House Basic and Advanced courses, as well as, Theophostic Ministry training. Her Loved to Life curriculum teaches biblical principles of transformation and freedom. Loved to Life II and Loved to Life III train others in ministering these principles to the broken-hearted. As a conference speaker, she tackles such topics as Boundaries, the Spiritual and Emotional Roots of Disease, Conflict Resolution, and Quantum Faith.

Her master’s degree in Christian Counseling and background as a registered nurse bring a unique perspective to freedom in spirit, soul, and body. Currently she is Director of Healing the Heart Prayer Ministry at Life Center where the team of prayer ministers averages 150 appointments per month. In her free time, Linda and her husband Larry enjoy traveling the world together and spending time with their two grown children.