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Embracing God’s Vision and Grace

From our earliest days, we believed God to establish us and became convinced the words of prophets would come to pass. The encouragement of 2 Chronicles 20:20 (Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be established; believe His prophets, and you will succeed. ESV) has become Life Center Ministries’ mandate in our unfolding story. These prophetic stepping stones are clear signposts of our journey and testimony after testimony of God’s provision and faithfulness. Almost 40 years later, we are now living in the inheritance of these promises with a vision for so much more to come.

Founded in 1978 as Word Fellowship, Life Center’s beginnings emphasized both the Word of God and worship. First meeting in a fire hall and then for many years in what was once a casket warehouse on 13th Street in the city, we grew in our identity in Christ and our authority as believers. Our times in worship also signaled the birth pangs of the release of the prophetic and God’s presence, as He graciously met us time and time again. As in these early years, tears shed during worship and a sense of finally ‘being home’ remain common experiences of those visiting for the first time.

Through a series of God-orchestrated events, Charles and Anne Stock arrived in 1987 from California. What seemed like a trail of tears was touched by the miraculous, as the Stocks left everything they loved to bring their family on this God-adventure. Their California home sold to the first person at full price cash on its first day on the market. While traveling across country, Anne clung to the hope of dynamic worship in a room she saw in an open vision.

Meanwhile, another prophet had spoken that a man would come in the fall to pastor the church. Months after the Stock’s arrival, the then current pastor of Word Fellowship read this prophecy, asked Charles to stand and declared, “This is the man.” Charles’ and Anne’s leadership strengthened the church during a time of tremendous turmoil. And their devoted lives of prayer encouraged both personal and corporate intercession, laying yet another pillar upon our firm foundation. For years prior to their move to Pennsylvania, they had cried out for revival – to be at ground zero where the move of God would be great. God confirmed this desire when, during one of their first worship conferences, He spoke to them that He had, indeed, brought them to their ground zero.

Then in October of 1991, Kim Clement, an internationally known prophet, foretold that Word Fellowship would change its name and relocate to a strategic property on a hill.



In fulfillment of this word and after being completely transformed by the renewal ignited by the Toronto blessing in 1994, Life Center adopted its new name. The following years ‘in the River’ were spent literally soaking in God’s presence as He poured out the revelation of His Father nature and healed hearts.

In the fall of 1999, our current location went on the market. Many sensed ‘this was that’, as its description accurately fulfilled what Kim Clement had declared years earlier. Upon first touring the new property and stepping into the theater, Anne recognized the room in her vision from years earlier. However, with no available funds to make a substantial offer, no realty company would take us seriously.

Old Photo

Miraculously in March of 2000, a series of events created the opportunity to sell our casket-warehouse sanctuary and acquire our present facility. This Global Leadership Center, the showplace of the old AMP Corporation, became available for sale – after several failed attempts – on the very day we received a written offer to sell the 13th Street property. Unaware of our new building’s connections to its former owners, James Goll, another prophet and friend, declared that God was giving us an AMP and that our sound would be AMPlified. James then saw the letters as an acronym for the ‘Apostolic Made Personal’; then rearranging to a MAP for ‘Mighty Authority in the Prophetic’; and finally changing to a PAM for a ‘Parade of Authentic Ministry, Missions, and Ministers’.



We have witnessed the fulfillment of this word as God has faithfully established Life Center as an apostolic resource and home to many who minister locally, nationally and throughout the world.

In the ensuing years, Life Center has continued to experience the fulfillment of God’s promises. The addition of our large sanctuary with classroom facilities in 2004 accommodates our increasing numbers as God faithfully adds those called to help build this expression of His Church. We are a place as Kim Clement declared years ago “given to the purposes of counsel, for training, and for the little children.” The generation so young when we first received this powerful word has grown to be leaders in our community. Ministries have also come alongside, calling us home while they respond to God’s call on their lives. Filled with the Spirit and hungry for the more in God, we are building a place where His tangible presence is evident, where lives are healed, and yes – where we experience the love of God and give it away.