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Greetings Life Center Family,

As we were pleased to announce last week, we are reopening our doors THIS Sunday, May 31st, Pentecost Sunday! How we have looked forward to this day for months! God has been faithful and so have all of you.

In Pennsylvania, churches and religious activities are legally deemed “essential” and “exempt” from restriction. Originally, we closed in compliance with the Governor’s request to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Now as this risk has been reduced – and after much counsel with many churches statewide and their leadership, as well as, contacting the PA Health Secretary’s office – we will reopen. President Trump solidified our decision when he declared, “Let the churches open!”

 We approach the reopening with great excitement and confidence. With your gracious help and cooperation, we will conscientiously provide the safest environment possible. (Initially, our Wednesday evenings will continue to be online only.)

We ask the following three focus groups to refrain from attending church services for the first few weeks of our reopening and to continue to join us online:
1. People who are symptomatic
2. People who work with or who are exposed to Covid-19 patients
3. People of all ages with pre-existing medical conditions

Seniors and families with younger children may want to continue to join us online while we get things up and running over the next few weeks. There will be no nursery or children’s ministry for the first few weeks of the reopening; however, we will continue to broadcast weekly content for the children.

All persons attend church services at their own discretion.
(If possible, take your temperature prior to leaving your home.)

Please be aware of others and their comfort level. Be respectful and practice safe distancing, and as hard as it may be, ask permission before hugging or touching anyone.

We will be following the CDC and Pennsylvania suggested protocols as much as possible. The following guidelines will be observed:

Masks are recommended. We encourage you to bring your own mask if you wear one. We will have a limited number available to hand out if needed.

Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the building for all to use regularly.

Doors will remain open in as many locations as possible during the church service for maximum ventilation and for entrance and exit with minimal contact with different surfaces.

Seating will be staggered to maintain a safe distance between families and individuals. Our balcony area will be open for those desiring more space and protection.

Signs for certain protocols will be located throughout the building and in the restrooms.

We will observe the following activities without physical contact:
–   Prepackaged communion elements will be available in the entryway.
–   Offering baskets will be placed in the sanctuary for easy access.
–   Altar ministry at the close of the service will resume in the near future once we successfully navigate these initial protocols.

Throughout the services, ushers, greeters, and building personnel will be available to assist with seating, specific needs or concerns, and any questions you may have.

For those unable, uncomfortable, or part of our “at risk” category, our live-streaming will continue as always. Watch us on YouTube, Facebook, and

From wherever you join us, COME READY TO ENCOUNTER JESUS! This is Pentecost Sunday, and we believe God will move in an explosive and powerful way!

With much love and anticipation,
The Life Center Leadership and Staff

To join us online