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Back to the Joy Zone

Charles Stock

Senior Leader

Recent Messages

  • 28 Jun
    Back to the Joy Zone Charles Stock Play Video

    "We must know that we're loved with the same love the Father had for the Son, and when you get full of it, you love people around you."

  • 21 Jun
    Father’s Day 2020 Ricardo White Play Video

    There's a frequency... we tap into... this place in God where we KNOW... and it's instant. Those are the times, those are the places, those are the moments when we're listening. God is speaking.

  • 14 Jun
    Wake Up John Leach Play Video

    We have the answers to men's lives as God is moving through us.

  • 10 Jun
    Dialogue with Bishop Joseph Garlington Bishop Joseph Garlington Play Video

    Covenant goes like this - you abandon the right to quit when you're in covenant.

  • 07 Jun
    All Together – One Voice Charles Stock Play Video

    God is in love with every human... they just don't know it. Our commission is to carry it.

  • 03 Jun
    Conversations Staff & Guests Play Video

    If the church could just rise up, and take a stand, and say, 'Hey, enough is enough.' I think that will make a huge difference in our world.

  • 31 May
    Clothed in Uncontainable Life Charles Stock Play Video

    You have inside you something that cannot be contained. Something that is globally contagious. It's called the Kingdom of Heaven.


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