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Finding True North

Charles Stock

Senior Pastor

Recent Messages

  • 12 Aug
    Finding True North Charles Stock Play Video

    Pondering the essentials, the things that produce and reproduce Eden, heaven on earth, a holy culture and civilization.

  • 05 Aug
    Smashing the Walls Bryan Leach Play Video

    STUDY. Be DILIGENT. So you’re able to accurately handle the Word.

  • 29 Jul
    The Invisible Foundation Charles Stock Play Video

    Love opens the universe and all the promises of God - We love because we have opened the door to His love.

  • 22 Jul
    Rescue! John Leach Play Video

    The more you attend to the convictions and touchings of God in your life; the more you give yourself to it, the more God's truth becomes a reality... leading to the more power you have to impact other's lives.

  • 15 Jul
    Navigating Mystery Paul Martini Play Video

    We engage in mystery when we know what God's promises are, we know what's spoken over our life, yet we're experiencing something that's not agreeing with what God said.

  • 08 Jul
    We Need Giants Charles Stock Play Video

    Giants stand for great difficulties; and giants are everywhere - in families, in churches, in social life, in our own hearts; and we must overcome them or they will consume us.


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