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First Fruits Sunday 2018

Charles Stock

Senior Pastor

Recent Messages

  • 11 Feb
    First Fruits Sunday 2018 Charles Stock Play Video

    When something is sanctified to the Lord, He treats it as His own. It is kept, blessed, increased and enlarged to great capacities.

  • 04 Feb
    First Fruits – Super Seeds Charles Stock Play Video

    God plans for your abundance! It’s a wholesome way of thinking, feeling, deciding about life, health, money, ... It reflects Who He Is and How He Is.

  • 28 Jan
    Be Fruitful and Multiply John Leach Play Video

    God with me makes a majority and I can make my life. I can make His economy, His kingdom, and His ways work right where I am.

  • 21 Jan
    Dancing with God in First Fruits Charles Stock Play Video

    If we could instruct the future how to treat us, how we would want to live, what we would hope for our children, would we do it?

  • 14 Jan
    Tree of Life – Accessing Every Blessing Charles Stock Play Video

    Human speech has the capacity to reach out and take hold of the TREE OF LIFE and live forever!

  • 07 Jan
    Inhabiting Every Blessing Charles Stock Play Video

    Everything IN HIM is IN US. He inhabits us, we inhabit Him! We may not recognize it! But He recognizes us!


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