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Fight the Good Fight

John Leach

Executive Pastor

Recent Messages

  • 17 Jan
    Fight the Good Fight John Leach Play Video

    Could it be that... we’re proven chosen by the response we give to God’s call on our life?

  • 10 Jan
    Look Ahead Bryan Leach Play Video

    Lean into God and go after God this year - more than anything else that’s in front of you.

  • 03 Jan
    Count it All Joy Charles Stock Play Video

    The Word of God created the entire universe, and the Word of God isn’t far away, but it’s in your heart and in your mouth. When you speak it, it has creative power to change the world around you.

  • 27 Dec
    The Joy of Surrender Paul Martini Play Video

    There's so much that we have access to... it starts with surrender.

  • 20 Dec
    A God Who Takes Our Frame Charles Stock Play Video

    Sometimes, God can do very profound things, and it’s almost like we didn’t notice it but everything changes.

  • 13 Dec
    Christmas and Songs of the Visible God Charles Stock Play Video

    In His weakness He changed everything, so He gives us this weapon of humility that we change the world with our humility.


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