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A Educational Partnership with Life Center

Visible Music College is an independent, accredited music college rooted in Christian discipleship and community. Visible is passionate about musical competency in the church with targeted spiritual content for all students, young or old, and for the whole church across all denominations in a spiritually, professionally, and academically rigorous program.

Visible now offers accessible, one-year accredited college certificate programs in Modern Music, Music Production, Music Business, and Creative Leadership that utilize Visible’s facilities and/or staff to equip students within a community and a band context who are not ready for the three-year bachelor degree.

Life Center began partnering with Visible in the fall of 2019. We will be providing assistance in the areas of facilitating virtual classes, mentorship, homework, spiritual growth and band experience.


The 2021-2022 School Year Certificate Course begins in August and runs through May with a break in semesters in December.

Coursework is completed online in a classroom setting at Life Center with video conferencing to experts in the field and regional mentors driving rehearsals and private meetings. Online courses are completed 100% online with a global proctor. A student would have a combination of online classwork and attend group virtual classes, which meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9pm at Life Center.


Individual Class $650
Ten classes x $650 = $6,500
Thirty (30) college credit hours achieved!
Financial Aid available (Pell Grants, Veterans, Scholarships, etc.)
Life Center Member discount available upon inquiry.


Each certificate consists of ten classes: four core and six based around your major.

Worship Foundation (online)
Biblical Foundations
Spiritual Formation
Fundamentals of Music Business (online)

Modern Music Major
Music Theory 1+2
Aural/Instrument 1+2
Specialization Lab 1+2*

Music Production Major
Basics of Audio
Intro to Recording Studio
Production Lab 1+2*
Fundamentals of Live Sound
Intro to Digital Audio Workstation

Music Business Major
Business Planning
Leadership and Management 1
Management Lab 1+2*
Music Business Strategy
Project Management Fundamentals

NEW Creative Leadership Major contains the core plus six courses with elements of pastoral leadership and church media.

*all majors together in “micro-industry” format

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Ricardo White

Regional Mentor

Tiffany Aitken

Regional Mentor
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