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In our hearts we knew that when God graciously entrusted us with the 40th Street Property, it was meant to be a city on a Hill. From the first, it has been our goal to establish a Tabernacle of David reality, with unbroken night and day worship and intercession. We believe that a culture of continual adoration and prayer opens the floodgates of heaven and makes our community, our city, and the surrounding region a landing zone for angelic invasion, divine intervention, strategic revelation and undeniable miracles! Now is the time! Let’s give ourselves to this great task.

Featured Sets

Next Generation


We know that God is big enough to change this next generation - big enough to create a cultural shift that shouts His name louder than all the other voices screaming for attention. Join us in believing for the tide to turn in the hearts of young adults as we pray over their lives that they would come to know Jesus.

Most Wanted


Believing God’s promise for the salvation of our households, we gather to cry out for the Most Wanted among us. Join us in this mandate to see God’s purposes released in the families at Life Center, or add your family members’ names to our prayers for the upcoming harvest.


Janet Roberts

This gathering is an invitation to women of all ages to come together and support what God is doing in our midst. We stand in our anointed callings to see our families flourishing, our businesses thriving and our communities impacted because we are women whose lives declare, “How big is our God!” 

Men in the Furnace


As godly men, we are called to steward our lives well and to cover those entrusted to our care - our families, our ministries, our workplaces - anywhere we are called to serve. We seek the Father of fathers who teaches us how to love well, believing we can live supernaturally natural in every area of our lives.

Prayer Life Leader

Patty Leach